November 2015
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Protein inspired art

alphahelix.jpg1. Protein inspired art by Julian Voss Andreae:
Julian Voss Andreae makes protein sculptures out of different materials, based on data from the protein databank.
I bet you’ve seen some work of Julian’s before. Just go through the work sectionon his website. I kept going “Oh, that’s HIS!?”
He also has a guide on how to make your own protein sculptures (pdf) and an essay about whether his work is art or not.

birdflu.jpg2. Protein inspired art by Jiang LiMost of these works are protein models made by modeling software set to an interesting and relevant background, like this model of a bird flu related protein (Avian Influenza Virus Neuraminidase) turned into a bird. Other parts of this Singapore based science art server contain protein music and pharmaceutical art.

protein.jpg3. Protein inspired art by Julie Blencowe
Julie Blencowe’s colourful prints are inspired by cellular structures and biological concepts. I particularly like the DNA-RNA-PROTEIN series, because its abstraction is based on a conventional abstraction: if the top row represents single stranded DNA, the middle row is single stranded RNA, and the bottom row is protein.
I like that you can figure out which ones are A, U, and T. (U is only in RNA, so purple, T is only in DNA, so that’s brown, and A pairs up with both: yellow!) You can probably narrow down the amino acids as well using any conversion chart.

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  • Ed

    And don’t forget Jacques Deshaies, Canadian genomic and proteomic artist!

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