November 2015
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The Future Is Now

Welcome to the future! I am posting this from my iPod. That reminds me: last week a review went up on for a book I found at BMV this past summer. Its a textbook for high school kids about science in literature. The book is from 1994 and hilariously outdated. I dont feel like repeating everything I already wrote about it – especially considering Im typing this on a tiny touch screen – so just read the review

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Why is Science Important?

Why is Science Important? Alom Shaha tells you why:

Why is Science Important? from Alom Shaha on Vimeo.

This video goes with a website, on which several (1, 2, 3, 4) friends of easternblot answer the same question. It’s a pretty difficult question, if you think about it. I did. I considered submitting something, but couldn’t formulate it properly.

Lemon time

A clock that runs on lemons. The artists say: “the aim is obviously not to replace our actual clocks, but at least to help people think (or remember) about nature and energy.”

How to get electricity from a lemon.

[Via Unplggd]

YouTube Tuesday – Periodic Videos

Not just one video this week, but an entire periodic table full of them. The Periodic Table of Videos from the University of Nottingham has a video for all 118 elements of the periodic table.

I won’t put them all up here, but here are most people’s two favourite elements, and if you have another favourite you can look it up yourself.



[Link through Cameron Neylon on FriendFeed.]

Things to read

A thing I wrote:
The article I wrote on OpenCourseWare is available in an easy to read online format after all!

A thing I read:
I read this awesome New Yorker article “Darwin’s Surprise” about human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs) when I was preparing my last Facts behind the Fiction piece for ReGenesis. I don’t know why I even bothered writing stuff myself, because this piece is so clearly much better. I put it as the first reference, but don’t know if people ever click on the references (I don’t even know if people actually ever read my pieces!) so I’m telling you now, this article is great, and you should read it.

OpenCourseWare article

I wrote an article about OpenCourseWare for a teaching course I took this semester, and it’s in a university newspaper this week. I’m on the back cover of The Bulletin, and if you’re at UofT you should pick it up. Alternatively, you can download the original assignment as a PDF (this one has all the footnotes and references in it)

Science fair judging

Have a look at Janet’s post about judging a science fair. She has behind the scenes photos of a fair she judged, and a report of what it was like.