November 2015
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Creature Cast

Creature Cast is a podcast from the similarly-named website, hosted by the Dunn lab at Brown University. They have two episodes so far, both really creative:

Episode 1:

CreatureCast Episode 1 from Casey Dunn on Vimeo.

Episode 2:

CreatureCast Episode 2 from Casey Dunn on Vimeo.

I want to be in a lab that makes videos with play-doh!

You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

[Found through The Loom]

Here Comes Science

They Might Be Giants have a science-themed CD out. It’s meant for kids, but I’m sure non-kids are allowed to enjoy it too. I just downloaded “I am a Paleontologist” and “Cells” from iTunes. The first because it sounds really good, and the second because I’m not a paleontologist but a cell biologist.

This video for the track The Elements started circulating the web last week, so you’ve probably seen it before, but it’s still good!

And here is the video for “I am a Paleontologist”

You want more? There is LOTS more on TMBG’s YouTube page.


I suddenly have a million things to do, but managed to briefly distract myself with this image by AnimalDetector that I found in the Flickr pool:

kymograph of a robin going on and off her nest all day

It’s a kymograph of a robin going on and off her nest. Time passes from left to right, and when you see the background of the eggs that means the robin is not there. The stripy brown is the robin on her nest. There is a video that goes with it that might make it more clear:

time lapse robin’s nest from animal detector on Vimeo.

Why is Science Important?

Why is Science Important? Alom Shaha tells you why:

Why is Science Important? from Alom Shaha on Vimeo.

This video goes with a website, on which several (1, 2, 3, 4) friends of easternblot answer the same question. It’s a pretty difficult question, if you think about it. I did. I considered submitting something, but couldn’t formulate it properly.

Science of Watchmen

The Watchmen movie premiers this week. I haven’t seen it yet, nor have I read the graphic novel, but I did just watch this video of James Kakalios, who was the science consultant for the movie. Kakalios was asked for the job thanks to his book The Physics of Superheroes (previously mentioned on easternblot)

The majority of the video is devoted to discussing specific plot parts of the Watchmen, and how they relate to physics. If you’re pressed for time or not that interested in the Watchmen, I recommend watching at least the very last bit of the video, starting at 5:39, where he talks about making physics more interesting for students by talking about superheroes.

“They always are concerned that it’s going to have no applications, no relevance. The common question is ‘When am I going to use this in my real life’. Whenever I use superheroes to illustrate physics principles, students never wonder when they’re going to use it in their real life!” – James Kakalios

YouTube Tuesday – Monty Python

“It was from such an unlikely beginning as an unwanted fungus accidentally growing on a sterile plate, that sir Alexander Fleming gave the world penicillin. James Watt watched an ordinary household kettle boiling and conceived the potentiality of steam power. Would Albert Einstein ever have hit upon the theory of relativity if he hadn’t been clever? All these tremendous leaps forward have been taken in the dark. Would Rutherford ever have split the atom if he hadn’t tried? Could Marconi have invented the radio if he hadn’t by pure chance spent years working at the problem? Are these amazing breakthroughs ever achieved except by years and years of unremitting study? Of course not. What I said earlier about accidental discoveries must have been wrong.”

And lots more (terrible) science in the clip.

YouTube Tuesday – Rainbow Connection

Here’s a cool magic trick to start off the new year:

Did you figure out how it’s done? Here is the entire explanation from Creighton University’s Melodious Musichemical Manifestation, complete with timing if you want to perform it yourself (the song is necessary for the cues, but Kermit is optional)
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