October 2015
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Images of science – Tardigrade

Awww, look at its feet! This is a scanning EM image of a tardigrade (water bear) from the Goldstein lab at UNC on Flickr. (Found in the Flickr pool)

water bear

And here is another one, with colour codes:

Hypsibius dujardini

From that photo’s description: “A tardigrade (water bear). False-colored adult (blue: digestive tract with food inside appearing black, orange: gonad with three growing oocytes marked with asterisks). Refractile cells filling the body cavity are coelomocytes.”

Etsy Wednesday – Virus Embroidery Pattern

Let’s make antibodies! Heehee =)

This is a pattern to embroider your own viruses, by theflossbox

Images of Science – Megakaryocyte

karin_al_cuadrado has submitted a bunch of pretty lab photos to the flickr pool, including a series of histology pictures.


Check out her entire (extensive!) collection of science photos here.

Etsy Wednesday – Heart in a jar

This post was pre-blogged, because I’m currently traveling. When this posts next week, I will have arrived in Australia yesterday, but actually it’s already today (next week) there. Anyway, to celebrate my trip to Australia, here is an Etsy science item from Australia: brain in a jar, by yourorgangrinder


Etsy Wednesday – Microscope bag

Remember when I did Etsy Wednesdays? I somehow got too busy, and for the next 5 Wednesdays I’ll be out of town, so we’ll see how that goes.

Here is a microscope on a bag, by happyfamily:

DNA-themed iPhone wallpaper

Ricardo Vidal of My Biotech Life just released some iPhone and iPod Touch wallpapers with the DNA Network logo on it. It’s pretty, go dowload:


I suddenly have a million things to do, but managed to briefly distract myself with this image by AnimalDetector that I found in the Flickr pool:

kymograph of a robin going on and off her nest all day

It’s a kymograph of a robin going on and off her nest. Time passes from left to right, and when you see the background of the eggs that means the robin is not there. The stripy brown is the robin on her nest. There is a video that goes with it that might make it more clear:

time lapse robin’s nest from animal detector on Vimeo.